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The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office periodically receives thank-you letters from citizens and other agencies. We've reproduced some of our recent favorites below. Letters may be edited for length or clarity, and identifying details are removed. If you'd like to send your own note of praise, feel free to use our online commendation form. This event is incredibly special to our children and builds a very important relationship between our students and law enforcement. I appreciate your time, energy, fundraising, and love you share with our most valuable community members.

Thank you for everything you do. She was at a desperate place and was wanting to give up until the day she was arrested and introduced to LEAD.

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She is entering NARA outpatient for her addiction. She wants to personally thank you. You are making a difference and your hard work is appreciated. Advocate Everist did an amazing job working with the victim for safety planning and potentially making a report This was one of the most egregious domestic violence crimes we have witnessed, and we applaud the victim-centered approach by Deputy O'Day, Deputy Wright and Advocate Everist.

It is with heartfelt gratitude that I am able to thank you for performing your job that night. You saved my life and quite possibly the lives of others that I may have hurt or killed. You were very understanding and courteous to me during the ride and consequent booking.

The night I spent in the "drunk tank" has left an indelible mark on my mind. I knew that night I had to change or I would be back and I certainly did not want to "be back. My life has changed. I am in a rebuilding phase in all areas of my life.

I won't bore you with all of the good details. That night that you were doing your duty to serve and protect, I want to thank you.


Because you not only saved my life, you also gave it back to me. I called the non-emergency line to report an incident with a neighbor; I was told a deputy would contact me. She gave me helpful advice on how to report any future incidents. I am pleased and impressed with the quick and helpful response.

It's good to know you all are on the job. To the men and women of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office: Our community is blessed to have your protection.


You are in my daily thoughts and prayers! May God keep you all safe and may he give you comfort in times of stress. Christmas Card inscription from a Clackamas County resident the card came with some cookies.

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Deputy Hawkins responded to a call at our school last week and went above and beyond. He helped de-escalate the situation and was incredibly supportive to school staff. He also reached out to Clackamas Behavioral Health to help those involved access additional resources. Thanks to Patrol deputies in Damascus and east Clackamas County for their constant patrol presence during the night shift at a jobsite on Highway It's dangerous enough working at night, but to work at night in heavy traffic in a confined area is worse. So thanks — all of us appreciate you being there. I can't even begin to thank Deputy Edwards enough.

He took the time, effort and energy to help me get my husband's wheelchair van back This deputy changed my perception of police — I'm forever grateful for his pure willingness to help me out and do a little extra work.

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Thanks to Sgts. They stand out not only for their consistency, passion and skill, but also as being the most highly regarded by survivors themselves as the law enforcement officers they want to work with.

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Victims' advocate group devoted to helping victims of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Thanks to Deputy Colbert for showing compassion and taking the time to [engage with] a transient. The transient later told me that Deputy Colbert often takes the time to chat, getting to know him, and learn about his past. I want to recognize the work of Records Division Specialist Bayley and the outstanding way she handled an inquiry. She was the utmost professional and extremely courteous.

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I want to thank your Jail staff for their polite and professional actions during my three-week stay in our jail. They were professionals and treated me and the other trustees with respect. Medical staff was very caring and attentive to my medical issues, even calling a doctor at home during the middle of the night. I and others in the community believe Officer McClurg deserves recognition for all her hard work and dedication.

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Thank you, Deputy Bigler, for patiently and persistently checking on my daughter more than once after I asked for a wellness check. Thank you for taking the time to listen to the brief history I gave, too. Safety is everything, and I can see you uphold that. Thanks to Deputies Olson and Normand for the outstanding way they handled custody of an intoxicated neighbor.

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Even though the neighbor was unruly, the Deputies kept their cool and did not let the situation get out of hand. Their professional actions under pressure were way above normal. Thanks to Deputy Hunter for responding to an after-hours abuse call. This case was handled perfectly, and we received everything we needed.

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Truly, this case, beginning to end, could be used as a training case for what we would like LEA to do after hours when they respond to homes on possible Karly's Law cases. When I reviewed the materials, I had no questions, because everything was so clear. Deputy Lightner located a person whom callers were afraid was getting ready to jump from a high bridge in Estacada.

While engaging the person in conversation, Deputy Lightner was able to pull him off the bridge and keep him stable until he could be transported to a medical facility for assessment. Were it not for Deputy Lightner's quick actions, the person very likely would have jumped from the bridge, which could have caused him serious injury or death -- and possibly pulled Deputy Lightner over the edge, as well.

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He arrived at a scene where a non-communicative woman was about to jump off a third-story balcony. After speaking to the female in a soft voice and with compassion and concern for a ificant amount of time, she finally did come off the balcony. Once inside, Deputy Lee was able to connect with the family by speaking about his personal experiences with people who are struggling.

Thanks to Lt. Phalen for an outstanding job talking about nuisance homes to over 75 people attending a community meeting in Colton. He answered questions and gave good advice on options available to the community. Immediately the victim was moved.

Two days later, the armed suspect did break into the home. We want to recognize Deputy Buzza for picking up a stabbing investigation with few details, conducting a thorough investigation, and writing a detailed report that later helped the detectives tremendously. To Sgt. Thanks to Sgt. Kishpaugh for not just finding and returning a stolen cell phone, but also for using caution and professionalism when confronting the suspect -- and thus not escalating the situation.

Deputies Meyers and Lightner were flagged down in an Oregon City shopping center.

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A man was lying face-down on the sidewalk with a head wound, unconscious and not breathing. Meyers and Lightner used their AED and manual resuscitator. After a shock was administered, the citizen was revived. I had equipped them with a Garmin communication device that utilizes satellites. The plan with this device was to have him communicate to us back home.

I talked to Community Service Officer Medina, who was very professional and thorough in his questioning. At no time did I ever feel like Officer Medina felt that my inquiry and concern wasn't legitimate. He was careful with me and reassured me of the plan that would be put in place.

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Later that day, Officer Medina called me back to check on me. This gesture was very much appreciated by my wife and I, as it reinforced our initial impression of your department as to having a sincere concern for our son and his friend. Responding to a welfare check in Wilsonville, Deputy Brown found an unresponsive male in a top-story apartment. Assisted by Lt. Wurpes, Deputy Brown continued compressions until medical help arrived 10 minutes later.

While on duty as a Justice Court bailiff, Deputy Middleton observed two men acting suspiciously in the parking lot. Once other deputies arrived at the scene, the subjects were detained. With further investigation, Deputy Middleton discovered the men were involved in a large identity theft conspiracy. Working with local and federal investigators, Deputy Middleton charged the men on several counts, as part of the larger investigation. His extensive experience and observation skills made a difference in this complicated investigation.

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