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Douglas French was sentenced to 15 years in prison on January 10, He will be on lifetime supervision once he is released from prison. This case is a vivid reminder for parents and teens about the danger of Internet predators. French had been using the Internet site "craigslist. French was arrested for having sex with a year-old girl he met online. He was also arrested in in Montana with a missing year-old girl from Molalla.

Detectives are still seeking other victims. Your Sheriff's Office has special classes to educate parents of all levels of computer savvy about how to check on their children's use of the Internet. Classes will be offered this spring. For more information, please call our Crime Prevention Unit at Some traffic laws are just plain common sense items that make you wonder Craigslist Tualatin sex they are on the books.

However, some people do not have a great deal of common sense so our legislators help those folks out a bit. For example: ORS Well, judging by this picture, at least one parent needed the law.

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Yes, we just needed a reason to use the photo. It's a joke. Cornelius Police attempted to stop John Dozier in a stolen vehicle and he fled west.

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Forest Grove Police took over the pursuit in their city but broke it off due to Dozier's increasingly dangerous driving. Deputies found the vehicle wrecked and abandoned a short time later in a rural area. Due to his long criminal history and weapons charges, deputies surrounded the RV and called for the Tactical Negotiations Team and the Hostage Negotiations Team. Dozier resisted being taken into custody even after the deployment of pepper spray.

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He was finally taken into custody and lodged in the Sheriff's Jail. These charges arise from several incidents, most notable are the ones alleging he rammed an Oregon State Police patrol car while attempting to elude a trooper January 13 in rural Washington County. This means patrol deputies are ased to work in a particular geographic area.

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By being ased to the same area for extended periods, they become familiar with the community's neighborhoods, businesses, schools and various organizations. Each of these districts is supervised by a sergeant.

You can contact the sergeant for your area via the Internet. Click twice in a row on the small map to increase its size. For each district, the sergeant, his direct phone, and e-mail address are displayed. Please any time with your concerns and comments.

This wonderful program acquaints people with the workings of law enforcement and the Sheriff's Office in particular.

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It is deed for citizens of all backgrounds and interests. The Sheriff's Citizen Academy provides over 60 hours of training that ranges from tours, to presentations, and even "hands on" learning from the experts. Participants will also use law enforcement equipment, participate in jail activities, and be involved in role-play scenarios.

up and us for a little fun as you discover the inner workings of your Sheriff's Office. Applications are now being accepted online. If you use gas stations that require you to go inside to pay, be sure to lock your vehicle when you leave it. Thieves are walking or driving up to vehicles being gassed and taking whatever is inside while you're inside paying for your gas.

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We are not talking about gas station employees. Some surveillance tapes have shown a person fueling their own vehicle, with a thief reaching from the other side to steal items from inside the car. In other cases, the thief pulls up in a vehicle, quickly gets out, reaches inside the next vehicle, and then jumps back into his own car with newly stolen treasures.

The thief leaves the area before you can even think of responding. If an ATM fails or rejects your card for no apparent reason, a thief may have inserted a trap for your card. These traps are made of a half-inch strip of x-ray film which is inserted into the card slot. The top and bottom are bent and glued to the rim of the card slot, and the portion inside has barbs to hold your card.


When your card is rejected, some nice person the thief comes up to help, and tells you that he or she has had this happen before. All you have to do is PIN while they hold the "cancel" and "enter" buttons.


Of course this does not work, but they have seen you PIN. When you leave, they pry off the glued points on the trap and remove your card — and then use it with your PIN. Keep yourself and your property safe. One of the favorite programs on the Court TV channel is a program called Cops. You know the one — "Bad boys, bad boys. What cha gonna do.

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Be watching for some of your finest the deputies — not the inmates this spring in some of the "Cops" segments on Court TV. To follow up, we have had inquiry as to how search and rescue teams at our office really work. All SAR members are specially trained. There are 9 qualified SAR Coordinators at your Sheriff's Office, and an available roster of 30 search and rescue qualified members of Explorer Post The Explorers are the troops on the ground during SAR missions.

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Explorers are ages 14 to When a call comes in regarding a lost, missing, or over due person, a SAR Coordinator is contacted and will decide whether a search mission is appropriate. Deploying a full search and rescue team happens quickly. From the time a call comes in to having a command post and search teams in the area and ready for duty, takes only 1?

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The response time gets faster the closer you get to the Sheriff's Office in Hillsboro. All of them respond to our headquarters in Hillsboro to gather equipment and transportation to a staging area. A minimum of two SAR Coordinators are ased since the missions run 24 hours a day and everybody needs down time to sleep so they can stay sharp.

All Sheriff's Offices cooperate with one another, sending people to assist with each other's missions. Another area of cooperation is air support.

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The National Guard may approve air support for a mission when a request is made by a coordinator. SAR missions also include urban searches for missing persons who may be elderly and confused, children who have wandered off, aircraft down, and crime scene searches for evidence. Down Craigslist Tualatin sex Sacramento, California, this month's dumb crook decides to rob a bank while suffering from a really bad winter cold.

His sinuses are stuffed up and his nose is running like a broken faucet. He announces "it's a robbery", but his voice is so low and weak, they don't hear him. He goes up to a teller and tries again and asks for a tissue.

The tissue is refused. This guy then breaks off his robbery to go to a pharmacy down the street for a box of tissues. Having taken care of his immediate problem, he returns to the bank to try again. However the police are present - taking a report of his prior attempt. We hear there are pretty good medical services in the local jail.

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Sheriff's Top 10 Wanted List. The Sheriff's Office is re-assessed every three years by a new team of inspectors. Our most recent reaccreditation was effective July 1, Yes, I want to subscribe to the Sheriff's Office News! Select an article from this issue Infrequently Cited Traffic Laws. Citizen Academy Begins April 3, This Month's ''Most Wanted''. He is wanted for failing to appear in court on child neglect and multiple drug charges meth and cocaine.

Gaona-Herrera is from the Forest Grove and Gaston area. Details PDF. Heather Lane Botorf is a year-old female, 5'3 tall and pounds.

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She is wanted for failing to appear at trial on multiple charges involving the manufacture, delivery and possession of cocaine and methamphetamine. Botorf is from the Beaverton and Tualatin area. Do not approach these individuals. If you see them or have information, call the Sheriff's Office Records Unit ator non-emergency dispatch at We will need your old address and your new one to update our records.

ZIP: 97062

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