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Singles near Oregon, USA

By Eugene S. Robinson addresses queries from the love-weary in Sex With Eugene. Possibly with me, definitely with him. Dear Ms. Women, she claimed, masturbated in a feedback loop that included actual feelings.


Which is to say: hand, genitalia, motion, sensation, orgasm. She put him on a regimen: no visual imagery. Well, because he kept falling asleep every time he tried.

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I got it. Even if politicians disagree. It feels weirdly dishonest even if a semi-valid way of broaching, well, something. Barring that whole canary in a coal mine thing, though, I think you just have to ask yourself: Is it worth grappling over?

Oregon Sluts

Time might be infinite, but your time on this planet is not. Use it wisely. How do I meet her halfway on this somehow?

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Dear Mr. Ghosts who, in all likelihood, might make lousy long-term companions. And if anything helps, it might be this: Activity in the absence of ardor is sniffed out quick.

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It will make you both miserable. Or at least the last.

Singles near Oregon, USA

Plus, is it creepy if I prefer him to be Black? Dear Eyes Wide Open: Two very different questions.

But in terms of objective creepiness? We like what we like.


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